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How Green was My Mutant (The Appearance of Humanoids in Metamorphosis Alpha)

by Gary Gygax (Dragon #5)

Mutated humans, or simply humanoids, are a commonplace sight in the "worlds" of METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA. It is no great matter to describe the obvious when telling a player about his own appearance, or relating to a party of adventurers what they see when they encounter some humanoids. Thus, a mutant is very large or quite small, has quills, or is winged. Large ears go with heightened hearing. A long, broad nose indicates a humanoid with heightened smelling ability. It is easy to go on, but what about general differences? Of course, you may have humanoids appearing as humans in most respects, but if you would enjoy adding a bit of "color" to your campaign, I suggest the following tables for obtaining the general appearance of mutated humans, players or not. To determine the appearance just roll dice for as many of the categories as you desire, and, or course, you may delete, add, or change as you see fit!

Die Roll Skin/Hair Coloration Skin Characteristic Color Pattern
1 white hairy solid (or solid patches)
2 pink hair patches striped
3 tan bald spotted
4 brown wrinkled belted
5 orange warty banded
6 black knobby whorls
7 red pocked splotches
8 yellow leathery normal
9 blue normal normal
10 green normal
11 purple
12 gray
13-15 2 colors
16-17 3 colors
18-19 4 colors
20 5 colors

Die Roll Head Neck Body
1 crested long round
2 long, pointed long, thin thin
3 flattened, oval short barrel like
4 bulbous very thick hunched
5 bullet shaped wattles long
6 quite small normal small
7 normal normal
8 normal normal

Die Roll Facial Features Hands and Feet Fingers and Toes
1 very small long three
2 round eyes short four
3 drooping ears narrow four
4 no ears wide five
5 huge mouth hard five
6 big nose soft five
7 no nose thick fingered/toed six
8 very large thin fingered/toed six
9 normal very large seven
10 normal very small webbed
11 normal double-jointed/prehensile
12 normal nailless

Die Roll Arms Legs
1 long long
2 short short
3 thin thin
4 thick thick
5 double-jointed bowed
6 normal normal

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