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Still More Additions to MA

by James Ward (Dragon #8)


Type # Armor Class Movement Hit Dice
Jawed Lilly Pad 1 4 0 10
Fungus Dome 5 3 15
Red Puff Ball 1-10 8 0 1
Stalkers 1 3 9 9
Radiation Vine 1 6 0
Island Plant 1 2 0 20
Jawed Creeping Vine 1-2 3 8 10
Reflector Brambles 1 2 0 8
Spear Tree 1-6 8 0 9
Poison Thorn Grass 9,000 7 0 4 collectively
Tigeroid 1-6 2 24 12
Gorillaoid 1-10 6 16
Bulleroid 1-4 2 18 12
Rabner 1 8 4 5
Blumer 1 2 12 19
Carrin 1 7 9/12 15
Kerask 1 4 7 7
Gygarant 1 1 10 10
Sotherlan 1-4 4 12 5
Wardent 1 6 8 13


1. JAWED LILY PAD: This mutated plant stands nine feet out of the water, with a jawed flower cup at the top able to swallow a human whole, crushing the life out of them. Hidden under the water, the plant has 5-50 grabber vines with a reach of fifty feet. The plant is fully intelligent, is telepathic, and has the De-evolution mutation. The plant has 1-12 special throw able spear tendrils, also under the water. They have the power to symbiotically attach themselves to beings and the plant can then make a mental attack on the stricken creature. The controlled beings will then drown themselves in the water. When the spear casts miss, they snake their way back to the water and the lily.

2. FUNGUS DOME: This mass of fungus material forms a dome, usually about ten feet tall, with a radius of seven feet. Brown in color, the dome has six 20 feet tall columns of what appear to be sand. These columns are controlled by the dome and will strike, with crushing force, those that approach the dome. A 200 yard radius of sterile earth surrounds the dome and under this earth are 50-1,000 sacs of water, used to fight fires. The dome has the following mental mutations: Mental Paralysis of all within a 200 yard radius, Force Field Generation, Absorption of radiation, and Telekinesis of weights up to 750 pounds. The mutation feeds on all types of protein and enjoys destroying any type of plant life.

3. RED PUFFBALL FUNGUS: These one foot wide balls of fungus release all their spores at a touch when fully adult. The spores react on any iron based substance where they completely rust the metal in seconds. If picked just before the adult stage, they will only break open when struck sharply.

4. STALKERS: Nine feet tall, these mobile plants think of nothing but food. They have one large central maw that emits a constant acid that easily breaks down all protein matter. The mutation has three tendril stingers that have an effective range of six feet from the plant with an intensity 12 poison. Two other powerful tendrils can grasp & hold the beings that the plant stings.

5. RADIATION VINE: This plant is able to imitate exactly any radiation near it and thus be unaffected by radiation damage. Shamans have sometimes used this plant in place of color bands, as the leaves will activate as the band. This mutation is only found within radiation areas and is usually orange in color.

6. ISLAND PLANT: This single creature (plant) covers a 300 yard area having the appearance of a jungle. The outer parts of the creature are tangle vines and poison berries (intensity 8). Within 150 yards of the center are 1-20 squeeze vines every 30 yards, with contact poison sap on them, (intensity 12). Poison throwing thorns and sword bushes guard the last 50 yards to the center of the island, the sword bushes all being stationary. At the center of the plant sits a huge beak that eats all the meat the rest of the plant kills. This is the main mental control area with the following powers: Force Field Generation, Cryogenics, and Telekinesis of weights up to 1,000 pounds.

7. MANY JAWED CREEPING VINE: This mutation has hundreds of thorned jaws along its surface. The adult creeper has a circumference of ten feet and a length of up to ninety yards. The plant is usually found in heavy tropical regions and often burrows into the ground. It will then completely uncoil itself (in a spring action) from the ground to attack its prey. The mutation has eye stalks in the shape of flowers that perceive up to 50 yards away. In judging this creature, treat the coils as ten weapon class three strikes. Each strike does two dice of damage. The creature can be found in several stages of development with the smaller creature having the smaller the number of strikes.

8. REFLECTOR BRAMBLES: This mutated plant has 1-10 squeeze vines, stands 20 feet tall, is 40 feet long when adult, has flowered sensors all through the bush, with a range of 50 yards, and an attraction odor. It has only one mental power magnified many times, the ability to reflect almost anything. It can negate the following energy states: heat, cold, radiation, electricity, protein disruptor blasts, paralysis charges, laser blasts, mental blasts & sonic blasts. Mental attacks have no effect on the thing. When attacking on its own treat the vines as clubs for hitting. When any single vine hits, the being is pinned and other vines will begin crushing the trapped creature.

9. SPEAR TREE: This mutated plant has 2-20 limbs that can shoot from its trunk like spears for distances of up to 60 yards. At the tip of each spear limb is a needle sharp seed pod that always breaks off when the limb penetrates protein material, (treat each hit as doing 3 dice of damage). The plant�s sensing organs are found at the top of the tree. The seeds will sprout in 1-4 days if the body remains undisturbed. The tree seems to be a large pine with no needles on the missile limbs.

10. POISON THORN GRASS: Bright blue grass with barbed tips, these barbs are all poisoned (intensity 9). The grass grows in large ten feet by ten feet patches among normal grass areas.


1. TIGEROID: This cat has a unique muscle system that allows it to strike for 8 dice of damage with either paw, run for hours at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour, and leap hundreds of yards in the air. Its fur is resistant to sonics, lasers, protein disruptors and radiation. The tigeroid can also use the sonic mutation. The beast has Heightened Intelligence, the Life Leech mutation and a Telekinetic Arm with the tigeroid�s strength mutation.

2. MOUNTAIN GORILLAOID: This beast already has heightened strength, it has a poison resistance gland that gives it an 18 for chart use, and its skin reflects radiation. The mutant can Life Leech, has Heightened Intelligence, has the De-evolution power, and the Repulsion Field. Unfortunately for it, the creature�s metabolism has been speeded up forcing it to eat constantly, and it is mentally defenseless.

3. BULLEROID: This mutation already has the partial carapace and it also has huge outsized legs allowing it to run 150 miles an hour for hours at a time. It has 8 huge horns, forming a crown on its head, and its fur is resistant to poisons and acids. Illusions of any type have no effect on the animal, its first attack is always a Death Field, and it has a Dual Brain.

4. RABNER: This mutation was a rabbit, until it lost its legs and head to mutational change. It now appears as a ball of fur from which three tentacles appear when it attacks. The creature has the following other mutations: double Heightened Strength (so that now it hits with this mutation for 4 dice of damage), Heightened Dexterity, and Heightened Precision. The Rabner, while not intelligent, has the following very effective mental abilities: Mental Defense Shield, Will Force, and a Military Genius mutation. The mutation is omnivorous now, moves along the ground with a rolling motion, and will fight any size creature for food.

5. BLUMER: This mutated animal appears to be a plot of tulips in thick grass. When beings come within 30 yards of it, the fake tulips cast themselves at the victim at the rate of 1-6 cups per melee round. These cups are razor sharp shells of bone, (treat as swords for damage). The creature levitates (modified into flying) towards any fleeing prey shooting its cups all the while. When the prey is dead the Blumer lands over it and many jaws devour the dead victim, in seconds. The grass is extremely hard, making excellent armor for the mutation. It is not intelligent, but has the flying Levitation mutation.

6. CARRIN: This animal stands erect and is about eight feet tall. The mutation is fully intelligent and has the following mental powers: Heightened Intelligence, Telepathy, a Mental Defense Shield, and it is an Economic Genius. It has effective wings and usually weighs about 100 pounds. It can Regenerate itself, and has quills (poison intensity 12) that it casts from its body (at a range of 30 yards while the creature is on the ground). The creature is usually found with a large number of mutated flying followers helping it.

7. KERASK (WOLVERINE): The mutation looks like its non-mutated cousin, but is greatly changed. Its claws are poisoned from a gland in the paws (intensity 9) and it has fangs that are also poisoned (intensity 11). The creature is fully intelligent, and is able to fight with the Mental Blast and the Life Leech mutation at the same time. It always fights to the death in any given battle and likes eating things much larger than itself.

8. GYGARANT: This huge (40 feet tall) reptile is known on all levels for its triple strength Sonic Yell. Its jaws can completely engulf any six feet tall or less creature. Its bite does six dice of damage. The beast also has the following mental powers: Intuition, Will Force, Molecular Disruption (it uses only when near death), Absorption of all heat forms, Reflection of all energy blasts, a Mental Defense Shield, and it can Teleport. Any illusion of any type always works on it.

9. SOTHERLAN: This creature is four feet tall and builds elaborate nests in very small trees. It attacks only beings with colorful fur pelts or plumage, with devastating success. Its beaked mouth does five dice of damage and its taloned arms rip for one die each. The creature Regenerates and uses Precognition before eating anything.

10. WARDENT: This former human has regressed to a small (3 feet tall) furry bear-like creature with the following mental powers: Heightened Intelligence, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mental Defense Shield, Will Force, and Mental Control over Physical States, Heightened Brain Talent, and it is a Scientific Genius. The creature has no special physical abilities except constant hunger, not only for food but valuable objects others may have.

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