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The Bionic Supplement

(Why Is It So Small, Mommy? Shhh. ‘Cause it’s transistorized.)

by Brian Blume (Dragon #13)

Bionics seems to have cluttered up everything nowadays, especially television. If you would like bionics to clutter up your games, try adding the following to your METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA campaign.

Players discovering medical laboratories may request that the robots there replace one or more of their organs with bionic replacements. The player may not choose what is to be replaced, however, the robots will randomly determine what is to be replaced. For each replacement a player desires, the referee will roll once (1-20) on the following table. Obviously, a player cannot receive two bionic hearts, etc.

Die Roll Replacement Hit Points Effect
1-3 One Arm 10 Increases Strength. +1 die of damage
4-6 One Leg 10 Increases strength. -1 for opponent to hit. Double speed if both legs
7-8 One Eye 5 Infrared and Ultraviolet vision. As Heightened Vision if both eyes
9-10 One Ear 5 May hear above and below normal ranges. As Heightened Hearing if both ears
11 Nose 5 As Heightened Smell
12 Heart 5 Reduces fatigue
13 Lungs 5 May extract oxygen from water
14 Digestion 5 May live on rocks, sand, etc.
15-17 Brain 10 50% chance to forget any given fact or items operation each occasion (defect)
18-20 Torso 30 -2 to hit for both player and his opponents

Any bionic area has no sensory nerve endings. Bionic areas sustaining damage may only be repaired by maintenance robots. For each bionic area deduct 5 Hit Points, and add the Hit Points listed for the bionic parts.

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