Example: Level 14 (The City Section)

  1. Medical Area with full medical facilities: thousands of beds, numerous operating areas, special recuperative facilities, biological experimentation station, offices, storage area for supplies and drugs, and living units for the medical staff. Emergency medical sleds are housed in the area (there are several) and a number of medical type robots are found in the facilities.
  2. Detention Area containing: monitored jail cells, cooking areas, offices, exercise and recreation areas, and a secure weapons storage facility.
  3. Bachelor Dwelling Area, with each individual unit including the following: living room, bedroom, bathroom, work room, large recreation room, closets and storage space.
  4. Family Dwelling Area, with each individual unit including the following: living room, several bedrooms depending upon number of family members, two bathrooms, three work rooms, a play room, recreation room, closets, and storage space.
  5. Schools Area containing: schools and technical institutes each with desk consoles, intership communications devices, offices, libraries of several types, work areas and equipment.
  6. Recreation Area featuring: parks and scenic attractions, gyms, pools and small takes.
  7. Main Ship�s Elevator
  8. Inclined Plane, connecting levels
  9. Theatre/Entertainment area including: numerous theatres of various types, multi-media studios, music and cultural buildings, sports arenas, etc.
  10. Dining Areas including: a myriad of restaurants featuring foods of all kinds and types.
  11. Office Area with individual units featuring: small and large compartmented rooms, desk consoles, filing cabinets and data storage computers, intership communications devices, etc.
  12. Rural Villages containing a relatively small number of family dwellings.
  13. Country Villas for large families with normal facilities, but spacious.
  14. Forests and Lakes, of varying size appearing in the farming area.
  15. Human Tribal Areas (established since the disaster)
R) Radiation Areas, with intensity noted by number.

Scale: 1 Square = 2 miles

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