Example: Level 11 (Forest)

  1. Tribe of 20 male Wolfoids plus 50 females and pups. The leader and his second in command both have engineering bands and know how to use them. There are 3 duralloy shields held in common by the tribe, and all members wear cured hide armor. The males all use swords. The tribe guards the elevator entrance: anyone encountered coming from it is subdued, stripped of armor, weapons and valuables and then let go.
  2. Storage area for 25 forest ecology robots, all deactivated. This area is a large steel building with a computer readout machine that tells basic information about the level verbally to qualified personnel (those with engineering color bands). Inside the building is a small recharging station for the robots.
  3. Territorial nesting area of 5 adult Hawkoids. They dip their claws in a sticky liquid type of poison (intensity level 7) and will menace intruders in their area. Otherwise they fly and hunt over a wide area of the level. They also can pass to the level above, being able to pass through an air vent on the roof.
  4. Tribe of 9 Hissers that live all around the lake in solitary areas.
  5. Family of 6 Winged Biters, with 4 adults and 2 young.
  6. Two mated Piercers that live in a huge dead tree. Alongside is a wrecked forest ecology robot with all its supplies.
  7. Tribe of 11 male Bearoids and 16 females with 9 cubs. All the adults use bows and the males use clubs to attack hand-to-hand, while the females flee with the cubs. Tribe treasures include an atomic torch and 3 portable flashlights. The tribe roams and may be encountered within several hexes of its marked location.
  8. Human settlement of 36 females and 10 males, plus 16 children. The females are amazon types who do all the fighting and hunting for the tribe. A poison is used (intensity level 18) for the tips of hunting arrows. The tribe may at first befriend strangers, but at an opportune time will subdue them if possible and enslave them. One of the slaves is a male who knows where a command color band is buried close to the village, and he knows how to operate any type of robot.
  9. Two mated Shocker Beasts live in this 3 hex territory and will attempt to kill any possible intruders.
  10. An Imitator lives in this area and changes to copy anyone that comes out of the inclined plane. In the night it attempts to take over the person of its choice after using a blowgun with a poison dart (intensity level 18).
  11. A nest of small warriors living underground, with 2 duralloy shields they use as hatches for their nest openings.
  12. Location of a security robot, needing only the touch of the proper color band to activate.
  13. The abode of a lone human female, with 18�s in all her categories. She possesses a protein disruptor pistol with 2 extra energy cells. She has a winged biter for a pet and is served by a Sword Bush that responds to her every command. She wishes only to be left alone, and will not cooperate with other beings.
  14. A small area which has patches of dark fungus lying on the ground.
  15. A cave in the mountain where 3 Metaled Ones live. The cave is not large, but includes a hole where a space suit is covered by the dung of the inhabitants.
  16. The living area of 4 mirror creatures.
  17. The territory of a single Singing Vine. It protects itself with a sonic torch.
  18. Mated pair of Cougaroids, which wear cured hide armor and use shields and swords.
  19. An empty log cabin where a Hisser lives
  20. A patch of 3 Death Trees.
This sample level is from the MA1e rulebook, page 26.
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