The Excavation and Dropship

The excavation and dropship are both at the bottom of a pit, 2 kilometers wide and 340 meters deep. There is an overgrown hill north of the pit. The hill is 340 meters tall.

The Excavation

A - The "Carport"

A large enclosed area. The walls, floor and ceiling are carved from a solid block of dark basalt. Three portals exit the southern side. There are three red aircars inside.

B - The "Temple"

A large enclosed area. The walls, floor and ceiling are carved from a solid block of dark basalt. There are three exits, one each on the northern, southern and western sides. Inside and out there are curious patterns carved in relief around the top. Inside, a strange script is etched into the stone.

The Hercules Class Dropship - Lower Deck

The dropship is without power. The entire ship is uneven. The floor slopes gently downward toward the south.

1. Gangplank

Light and vegetation penetrate only a few meters. There are burn marks on the wall.

2. Corpse

This is a human skeleton, its flesh long since decayed. It wears some sort of machinery on its chest, arms and legs. Once it had been a very complicated device. Now it's garbage, perforated in dozens of places by thumb-sized holes or larger. Irsa found a heavy pistol in its hand. A nametag on its chest reads, "Matahachi".


There is an elevator in a wire cage on the north side. The storage bins are empty except for four 150 kilogram dark basalt rocks. They are badly damaged arms, legs and torsos from hunanoid statues. They are mildly radioactive. The room is radioactive, harmful to a character in the room for more than 20 minutes. A large yellow sign, "DANGER Radiation risk", is attached to the sealed door. The door registers positive for radiation. Next to the door is a steel gray passcard reader. The sealed door in the corridor to the south is identical.


A few empty work benches and shelves line the walls. The floor along the west wall angles down into an open ramp. The ramp is choked with mud. There is no way through. Dead tendrils of vegetation snake up through it. The garage has a strong, musty odor of damp earth.

Communications & Sensors

Cluttered with the debris of broken machinery. Some seem to have been deliberately smashed. Some are missing. Others are in pieces on the floor.


Light streams in through tiny broken windows. Ragged shards of glass are strewn about the room. Roots have grown in through the open panes. Some roots are larger than the windows they have penetrated. The roots have grown into the seats, computers and instruments and torn them apart. A puddle of water covers the metal floor. Moldy and decayed binders, labeled operational and repair manuals, lie on the floor. The pages have the consistency of wet bread.

The Hercules Class Dropship - Upper Deck


Lightweight suits, helmets and boots hang from hooks on the wall. An airlock door opens to a 20 meter drop to the ground below. The small computer interfaces beside the airlock doors are smashed beyond repair.


A tangle of broken pipes, collapsed divider walls, broken fragments of mirror, tile, masonry and porcelain.

Luggage Room

Empty bins with straps.

Passenger Cabin

Firearms have damaged the LCD monitors on the front wall and ceiling. The rows of chairs are intact but badly worn. Small rabbit like creatures have been living in this room.

Root Filled Corridor

Roots have grown inside and swollen larger than the size of the windows. Pools of water form on the floor in pockets between the roots. Animal burrows can be seen through some of the windows that have not been destroyed by the roots. One window is broken and is being used by the creatures that live in the passenger cabin as an entrance.


Empty bins with straps. There is an empty elevator cage with a door on the north side of the room.

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