Alexei Chekhov

Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 14
Leadership Potential: 13
Mental Resistance: 16
(+2 puzzle solving)
Radiation Resistance: 9
Luck: 15
Experience: 22
Hit Points: 53
Armor Class: 17
Race: Mutant Chimpanzee Clone
Sex: Male
Height: 0.8 meters
Weight: 40 kgs
Yahoo ID: ruger87ca

Natural Attributes:





Alexei was born in Budapest, Hungary. He was a bright boy who excelled at computers and electronics. Coming from a poor family, he enlisted in the army and became a communications officer in an infantry unit. He learned to fight there as well.
He volunteered for service aboard the Warden and became an Electronic Tech usually assigned to maintenance teams and also on away teams due to his combat experience. He of course doesn�t remember any of this and only knows what has happened since his awakening as a Chimpanzee. He kept his technical skills and can now fire blasters with four hands if he sits on his butt. He doesn�t have human vocal chords, so he must either use a PDA or similar advice that has advanced speech to communicate. Not having one at the moment, he is currently using a small white board and board markers. He hopes he gets a new PDA soon, as his fur is getting ink all over it.