Experience & Luck Points

These scores are expendable. They can be used to purchase bonuses.


Characters start with a number of Luck points determined by their starting attributes (MA4e page 35). Generally, the lower a character's attributes, the higher the character's Luck score. Luck points are restored to maximum when the turn number reverts to "1".

Cost Bonus
1 Luck +/- 2 before any dice roll
2 Luck Re-roll any one dice (i.e. re-rolling 3d6 would cost 6 Luck points)


New characters start with zero Experience points. Characters can earn up to 5 Experience points each turn by solving puzzles, role playing in-character, being useful to the party and/or providing entertainment value.
Cost Bonus
50 Exp +1 to any one attribute (CN, DX, LP, MR, RR)
50 Exp Remember a new Skill (Clones only)
3 Exp +/- 2 before any dice roll

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