The ill-fated interstellar colony ship Warden has been adrift
   for hundreds of years. Now a new crew struggles for control.
   Based on the Metamorphosis Alpha role playing game created
   by James Ward.
The Story
1. Cloned!
2. Escape
3. Into the Woods
4. Separated
5. Allies
6. Catch-Up
7. Watcher
8. Reunion
9. Kidnapped
10. Offensive
11. Cafeteria
12. H.U.T.
13. Chased
14. Armory
15. Spacedust
16. Left Behind
17. Lift Off
18. Sand Dune
19. Waking Nike
20. Bailey & Bud
21. Tritonian Standoff
22. Radio On
23. Portal of the Winds
24. Uninvited Guests
25. Terminus
26. The Afrimus Storm
27. Comfortably Numb
28. Clones in Toyland
29. Down the Rabbit Hole
30. The Peace Pipe
31. Fabric Eating Monsters
32. Whispers From the Past
33. A Vision of Death
34. Excavating the Past
35. Derelict Duty
36. Up the Downed Staircase
37. Awakenings
38. End Transmission
39. Forgotten Chambers
40. The Lizard King
41. Who is John Galt?
42. Over Eden
43. The Warden Wrangler
44. Opening Pandora
45. Galt's Curse
46. Seaside Rendezvous
47. Chum in the Water
48. Hall of the Mountain King
49. Queen of the Night
50. Rock of Ages
unedited - Chapter 51
Dramatis Personae
by order of appearance
Zhaxier (Dead)
Claus (Dead)
Tinker (Broken)
Sharneste (Dead)
Gregory (Dead)
Rufus (Dead)
Edsan (Missing)
Horatio (NPC)
Stewart (Dead)
Terminus (NPC)
Hephaestus (NPC)
MX2000 (Broken)
Drake (Dead)
Janus (NPC)
Alexei (Dead)
Devon (NPC)
Mutant Turtle Clone
Mutant Human Clone
Human Clone
Mutant Human Clone
Human Clone
Mutant Cat
Mutant Lion
Human Clone
Human Clone
Mutant Jackal
Mutant Bear
Mutant Coyote Clone
Mutant Human
Mutant Hamster
Mutant Human
Mutant Chimpanzee Clone
Human Clone

Paul Madison - Archivist, GM Aug 2004 - Today
   chapters 24 to current

Stacy Assaf - GM July 2001-Aug 2004
   chapters 12-23, beginning of 29 & 35

Zhaxier - Archivist Jan 2001-Jan 2002
James L. Shipman - Founding GM, Jan 2001 to July 2001
   chapters 1-11; left IAS in 2002

The image of Coeurla was created by limpingpigeon.

Images of the Alexandria are from the TV show Virtuality © 2009 FOX Broadcasting Co. All rights reserved.

Corridor1, Corridor4, Corridor5, Shlitzee, Pandora and maps were created by Paul Madison.

The character Terminus is based on a short story by Stanislaw Lem published in Tales of Pirx the Pilot.

Airshaft, Corridor3, Autobots3, Explosion1, Death2 and Corridor7 are from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira.

Disruptor P-150 is owned by Chris Kramer of and is used with permission.

Caleb is owned by B.J. Johnson and used with permission.

jungle, jungle2, crowd are owned by and are used with permission. All rights reserved by LivePencil.

dropship and Disruptor M-3000 are owned by and are used with permission. All rights reserved by Second Reality.

Percy-wolf is owned by Fast Forward Entertainment/James Ward and is used with permission.

Chapters from Cloned! through Spacedust are derived from the original IAS archive that was created by PBPArchives Thanks Zhaxier!

The Prologue was written by James M. Ward and published in Metamorphosis Alpha. The first six paragraphs of Chapter 1: Cloned! were written by Guy W. McLimore, Jr. and published in Dragon Magazine #6. The rest of the text on this website was written by the players and game masters of IAS as detailed in the Dramatis Personae above.