Rebecca "Becka" Zweistein

Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 16
Leadership Potential: 11
Mental Resistance: 15 (+2 puzzle solving)
(4 MR for defense)
Radiation Resistance: 10
Luck: 14
Experience: 16
Armor Class: 19
Hit Points: 39
Race: Mutant Human
Sex: Female
Height: 1.57 m
Weight: 52 kgs
Age: 19
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Green
Yahoo ID: mogwai_grrl






By most appearances, Becka is a normal young human girl. There are more oddities to her, however, than just green hair. Becka was born with an innate intuitive sense for the psychic emanations of people and objects. A person�s true emotions and intentions are as clear to her as the color of the shirt they wear. What�s more, she is able to read the residual energy left on inanimate objects. While she has no real understanding of electronics or machinery, simply handling and object would give her the intuitive impression of its purpose and workings.

Becka is a descendent of the original colonists on board Warden. Her sensitivity to people�s emotions led to problems as an adolescent. On top of the normal emotional turmoil of adolescence, she had to deal with emotions she was reading from those around her. Unable to deal with the feelings she was experiencing, Becka suffered from wild mood swings and would lash out at those around her. Because of her odd behavior and unusual appearance, other children her age often rejected and tormented her, leaving her feeling very isolated.

As she grew to maturity, so too did her psychic sensitivity. Unfortunately, her extra-sensory perception has no volume control for psychic �noise�. Eventually she began to suffer from overload to her psychic senses, reducing her from a deeply troubled youth to a near autistic state. She is now prone to slipping in and out of lucidity, sometimes mixing and matching sensory inputs in her speech (so that she describes textures as tastes and sounds as colors, and so on).

She has learned to fend for herself through scavenging and occasional thievery. Lacking social interaction, she keeps her mind occupied by collecting odd artifacts found about the ship. She is particularly drawn to those that display more intriguing psychic impressions. Ultimately, Becka fled the more populated areas to seek solace in the more remote, and �quiet�, regions. But the psychic ghosts of generations past still haunt the empty corridors of Warden.


Becka has the appearance of an ordinary girl and would pass easily for pure strain human if it weren�t for the deep teal green shade of her hair. She usually wears casual attire typical of Warden�s colonist villagers - a combination of hand-me-down down Earth clothing and hand made garments. Her hair and clothing are often disheveled, depending on her present level of mental clarity. When she�s not a complete mess, she is actually a fairly attractive young woman.