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Alpha Sequence Clones

Excerpted from: "An Alternate Beginning Sequence for Metamorphosis Alpha"
by Guy W. McLimore, Jr. (Dragon Magazine #6)

Program codenamed Clone Bank Alpha is activated only in case of extreme danger or damage to the ship, causing breakdown of chain of command. Upon activation, tissue samples are processed into clones of ship’s personnel, who are then programmed with the technical and general data necessary for operation of the ship. YOU are one of these clones charged with the task of rescuing the starship from disaster. But computer malfunctions have left you without the special equipment and weapons you need to master the situation. Some of your team are not even totally human, possessing strange mutant abilities and defects. Worst of all, there are large holes in your memories. The ship’s equipment seems strange to you, and you are not sure how to operate them. You remember almost nothing of the structure of the ship itself. The aged and broken-down computers in the clone bank complex yield no information of value.

Alpha Sequence clones choose from the following skills.

Professional Skills (choose one)

Minor Skills (choose two)

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