New Characters

Initiate Alpha Sequence (IAS) uses the fourth edition Metamorphosis Alpha rules (MA4e) as a foundation for character creation and combat resolution. Mutations, skills, devices, etc. from other games are welcomed and encouraged.

Step 1 - Select a Character Type:

Human (clone)

Human (native)

Mutant Human

Mutant Animal

Mutant Plant

All character types except Robots can also be Clones. Alpha Sequence Clones are spawned by the Warden's computers in an attempt to save the ship. See below for more details.

Step 2 - Character Attributes:

All characters (except Robot Characters) roll 3d6 (3-18) for each of the following attributes. Constitution serves as a measure of a character's strength and sturdiness. Determine Hit Points by rolling 1d6 for each point of Constitution. For example if you have a Constitution of 13, roll a 6-sided dice 13 times and total the result. Choose the character's name, age, eye color, hair/fur color, sex, height, weight, etc. IAS uses the metric system, but if you provide feet and pounds the GM will convert them for you. The GM will determine your character's Armor Class and Luck score. All new characters start with zero Experience points.

Step 3 - Mutations:

If your character is a Mutant, choose any three mutations. You may choose more than three mutations if you also take a defect for each advantageous mutation over three. Select mutations and defects from the MA4e rules, MA1e rules, or any other version of MA, Gamma World, Darwin's World, D20 Apocalypse, etc. If your character is a Mutant Animal, email supreme_arbiter for your animal type's additional attributes, such as Infravision, Claws, etc.

Step 4 - Skills:

Step 5: Finish Your Character

Email your character to supreme_arbiter with a description of the character's background. Include an image of your character if you have one. If someone else created the artwork, please ask permission to use it. Give proper credit to the original artist, especially if it's you :^)