Constitution: 9
Dexterity: 9
Leadership Potential: 11
Mental Resistance: 11 (+1 puzzle solving)
Radiation Resistance: 8
Luck: 18
Experience: 8
Armor Class: 21
Hit Points: 33
Race: Pure Strain Human
Sex: Male
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 68 kgs
Age: 56
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Yahoo ID: markamorphosis


Horatio is a priest from the Hithari clan. When he was banished from the Hithari, he went to live with the Spragni clan at the oasis of Sigai. Five young members of the Spragni at Sigai are his Gehti (religious students). His oldest student is Foryn. Another student, David, was injured onboard the Pandora when an afrimus storm struck. Shlitzee performed surgery on David in Chapter 27.

[...] he was sure what he had seen was a true vessel of the fallen [Pandora]. He prayed to be found worthy of the honor, but the great, forbidden question for which he had been banished kept rushing into his mind. He pushed it away and chanted the ritual for purification of his soul. Chapter 23

"Long ago, our people lived in a great city called Earth, but Earth was a wicked place and doomed. They left Earth and settled in a place called Eridani. One day, a great metal bird called Warden arrived. She, too, was from Earth. When Earth was swallowed by fire, she carried a great many people away. But Warden had been badly injured by the poisonous clouds that arose from the city. Many of her passengers were sick and dying, but Warden mysteriously flew away into the wasteland before they could join us. Our ancestors took a solemn vow to save Warden, or die trying. They followed her for many years, but somehow lost her trail. They arrived at an oasis in the wilderness where they expected Warden would eventually arrive. The place was called Cancer. They waited and searched the skies, but she didn't come. Then one day, a demon appeared from the wilderness. He looked and spoke like a man, but our ancestors were not fooled. For six days, the demon tried to convince them to abandon Warden. He tempted them with gold, treasures and worldly pleasures. Each night he returned unsatisfied to the wilderness. On the seventh day, the demon attacked their camp. When they fought back, the demon revealed itself. He had the body of a man and the head of a wild beast, like a dog or a wild pig. He was terrifying to witness, but he was no match for our ancestors and they destroyed him. That night, an amazing thing happened. Everyone shared the same dream. Each ascended toward a bright light. There they found themselves surrounded by family and friends. They were told they had won a glorious victory and would be rewarded. When they awoke from the dream, they were in a beautiful garden filled with plants and animals. They settled there and called the place Eden." Eden is surrounded by desert. In vain, we sought a way past it. Our people grew and formed new villages, like the Oasis at Sigai where we are from, but we are still surrounded by sand. We dream of finding Warden one day." At the seminary in Eden, there are many books: histories, documents, maps, scriptures, all precious and rare. They are jealously guarded." Chapter 27

"Why do you want to find the Warden?" Nike asked. Horatio replied, "To save her, of course. She was wounded. We have been taught the great metal beasts live for millennia but they can't heal themselves." Chapter 30