Robot Characters

These "house rules" are a simplified version of the Metamorphosis Alpha fourth edition (MA4e) robot character creation rules. You may use the rules from the MA4e book or this simplified version. Previous IAS robot characters have all been average-sized, humanoid shaped (nothing so large it wouldn't fit in a vehicle built for humans).

Step 1 - Select a Robot Type and Roll Attribute Scores

Constitution Dexterity Leadership
Agricultural Robot 4d6+4 1d6+4 1d6+2 2d6+3 3d6+3
Construction Robot 1d6 2d6+3
Ecological Robot 1d6+2 3d6+1
General Purpose Robot 1d6 2d6+3
Engineering Robot 1d6+1 2d6+3
Medical Robot 1d6+5 2d6+9
Military Robot 1d6 2d6+5
Security Robot 1d6+9 2d6+3

Constitution serves as a measure of a robot's strength and sturdiness. Determine Hit Points by rolling 1d6 for each point of Constitution. For example if you have a Constitution of 13, roll a 6-sided dice 13 times and total the result. Choose the robot's name, height and weight. IAS uses the metric system, but if you provide feet and pounds the GM will convert them for you. The GM will determine your character's Armor Class and Luck score. All new robots start with zero Experience points.

Step 2 - Choose Software:

Choose any two software programs from the following list, or create your own. All programs give +3 to related skill checks, unless another bonus is noted.

Step 3: Choose your Robot's Systems:

Select any 12 of the following systems. Some systems (as noted) count as more than one system. Each arm counts as one system. Don't forget to include sensors so your robot can see. All robots come standard with a Physical Interface to transmit data to computer systems or other robots, and an Audio Receiver/Transmitter so they can hear and talk.

Mobility Systems Power Source Sensors Limbs - Can be attached to a Hand, Micro-Manipulator Claw or a Power Grasping Claw Other Systems Only Security and Combat robots can use weapons. If any other kind of robot wields a weapon, or tries to injure a human, other fully functional robots and computers will report the robot as a "Rogue" that should be captured and dismantled. Robots using Access Cards that shouldn't be assigned to them (such as an Agriculture robot using a Security Access Card) will also be reported as "Rogue".

Step 4: Finish Your Robot

Put your robot's systems in the order you want them to fail. As robots suffer damage, their systems will break in that order. Robots "heal" themselves by repairing broken systems. Systems at the top of the list will break first.

Email your robot to supreme_arbiter with a description of the robot's background. Also include an image of your robot if you have one. If someone else created the artwork, please get permission to use it. Give proper credit to the original artist, especially if it's you :^)

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